Dragons, Vodka & History !! Two days in Poland’s medieval town, ridiculous prices for anyone looking for a deal. Captivating buildings, beautiful clean streets and fun to be found from Karaoke to giant Polish donuts.

My personalised Google Maps link Here you will find all the most popular, cheapest and coolest places to eat. Spots to have a drink and main tourist destinations. I typically create a map for every trip, so I have a handy reference no matter where I am. I think its the best way to get incredible deals and value from every trip, it also saves precious time.

The Airbnb – Located just over the bride of Wawel Castle The price was €28 per night based on two people, meaning €14 a night ! I give a big thumbs up to this Airbnb based on the price, location and a very cool décor (See photos below)

Day one itinerary in Kraków

6.30 am – 2pm – Its hard to imagine visiting Kraków without taking the time to experience The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. After visiting you really get the sense of how important it is to keep the memory alive. To continue the conversation about what happened. Its eerie and filled with pain. Its something to see, supported by many of the victims. I would encourage all my readers to keep that memory alive and visit the memorial site and museum of Auschwitz & Birkenau.

Visit ! Which links you with local tour guide companies like For a full day it cost me €40 whichincluded transport, central pick-up point and the entire day tour which lasted from 6.30am- 2pm (roughly).

After a long morning visiting Auschwitz we decided food was essential. Naturally enough wanting to experience some deadly local dishes. Ending up in a small local spot called Gospoda Koko (€11 for 2 beers, 1 soup, 2 mains & 2 side salads)

After a much needed nap we continued the exploration of this cool city. We said hello to Smok Wawelski the fire breathing statue dedicated to Wawel the city dragon, which can be found at the foothill of Wawel Castle and cathedral. Both are also major tourist sites worth visiting too.

Hungry again we visited another INCREDIBLE local eating spot called U Babci (Milk Bar) The dinner cost us €21.74 altogether for 2 GIANT Polish beers, 2 main dishes, 1 side and 1 soup. The décor is so authentic and the portions are jumbo.

Evening – After a hectic day we decided to finish the night early but not before visiting a local alternative rock bar Anty Café, which is a stones throw away from U Babci. The music and atmosphere was brilliant, plus a cheeky whiskey sour which cost 20 Zloty = €4.67.

Top tips after day one

  • If you want to try a LOVELY local beer, be sure to order a pint of Zywiec White with a slice of orange. Major YUM !!
  • Try a local favourite dish like Pierogi Dumplings
  • Download the app Hive, for easy access to the local electronic scooters. Scan and ride. A lot of fun after a few glasses of Polish Vodka (Remember you didn’t hear that tip here haha)

Day two itinerary in Kraków

We split day two in two parts between The Old Town & The Jewish District.

Sites we visited in The Old Town

  • Floriańska Street & Kanonicza Street (Famous streets/Picture perfect)
  • The Main Square
  • The Cloth Hall
  • St Mary’s Basilica
  • Kraków Barbican and St Florian’s Gate
  • St. Andrew’s Church & Saints Peter and Paul Church (Beside each other)

Sites we visited in The Jewish District also known as Kazmierz

  • I would REALLY encourage anyone in this area to hunt out the local graffiti art within Kazmierz. There is some very impressive pieces dotted around this part of Krakow. Including Kazmierz Historical Murial, Corner of ul. Nowa & ul. Józefa and others.
  • The Old Synagogue
  • Ghetto Heroes Square

Les Couleurs Café is a must visit spot for a drink in The Old Jewish District, here we really experienced the youth culture of the city and enjoyed more than our fair share of Soplica Polish Cherry Vodka (Wisniowa) Here we paid 34 Zloty for 2 large pints of Polish Beer and 2 large shots of vodka just mentioned.

To finish off the night we returned back to the main square for a night of Karaoke at Ukacpra Pub, which hosts Karaoke every single night of the week.

After thoughts

Kraków is a great little city, so clean and picturesque. Worth visiting for those looking for an affordable destination that is easy to navigate on foot, just bring comfortable trainers. Two or three days is absolutely plenty, I wouldn’t recommend more to be honest. Be conscious the train from the airport is closed for renovations at the moment (22/10/19) so don’t waste time looking for it, head straight for the bus stop right outside the airport doors. Pack for ANY weather, as we expected mild and dry conditions. Unfortunately rain was on the cards for the majority of our trip.

After Krakow we took an overnight Flexibus to Budapest, my home away from home. Taking on overnight Flexibus is a great way to get to another city cheaply without loosing any days travelling, but ill be honest, I was like a bag of lego (in bits) after the journey. For the sake of saving a few quid it wasnt worth it in my opinion, could be more suitable to someone under 21.


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