I’m back after my HACK !

Its been a while my friends, and for that i apologize. I am not sure if you follow me on Twitter, but if you did you would be aware of my recent debacle with a hacker. An unfortunate situation combining pot bad luck and to be honest a little naivety, who knew when you had a few followers that your stuff was desirable, even when you didn’t want it. Do you know one of those stories you read and you think it will never happen to you.

I had been taking a little time away from the world of social media and blogging to get a little bit more grounded with the real world, which was LOVELY BTW. Its been a busy few years after all, from my reality tv days to bodybuilding, climbing mountains and publishing my debut book Build Your Own Body (I WAS WRECKED/ MENTALLY) During that time my blog domain was due for renewal and of course WOOOPS, i forgot. Hey, don’t judge ! Girl was enjoying the real world like i said. Little did i know someone would be hunting for mistakes just like my one. Before i knew it the ‘hacker’ had purchased my domain and in turn registered my associated email to the blog. Don’t forget i had no idea this had even happened yet. Through my email he gained access to all my social media accounts except my Facebook. Another mistake on my part. People double check your social media security, because i hadn’t in a very long time.

Here is where the story gets weird, I randomly receive an email from MYSELF, BLAHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! My blog email had emailed my private email. Here’s where it hurts. The hacker not only had access to all of my online homes (Blog,Email, Twitter & Instagram) but now also wanted $500 to get them all back. Masking the entire thing as legit, given the fact i didn’t renew my domain and he/her was entitled to charge me this.

I wasn’t going to bow down easy, oh no ! Sherlock Holmes was on the case (me) with that absolute ‘HOW VERY DARE THEY’ attitude to back it all up.

It took over three months or possibly more to reclaim all of my online property, through sheer tenacity and knocking on doors (phones). The hilarious thing about the entire event was that all the online world did a fabulous job at keeping hackers in, especially in this case, given the hacker had purchased my email legitimately. I had reached the end of my tether, i really wanted to give up and just let the hacker keep it all. My attitude was ‘well its not like i’m overly active online anymore, maybe its time to move on’ ! Until a ray of light came my way in the form of a deadly client i have the pleasure of working with. With a background in this industry he guided me through all the avenues to follow and linked me with the IEDR ( IE Domain Registry ) & GDBR Ireland (General Data Protection Regulation)

The legend himself Joey from GDPR Ireland helped me even further along the way, BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Who facilitated the return of my social media pages. The IEDR also reclaimed my web domain for various reasons, which meant i could repurchase it.

And here we are, the present !

Through the entire process i realized how vulnerable we can be online. How crucial it is to have up to date security on all of your online platforms. Lastly i realized, how cool am i ? Someone wanted to steal my domain. Which made me think of the years of work i have put into building my brand up since 2010 and i should value it more. Ive decided to return to my former enthusiasm for sharing & getting back to what i’m best at. Just like my very first blog Bikini Brawn, i’m going to be back with health & fitness, of course travel and maybe some new features. People develop, we mature and i want to share that too.

Sometimes we have to loose something to really highlight just how valuable it is.


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