Holistic skincare on a budget with Botanics

A brand/product review by Kelly Donegan

Check out The Botanics web page below for a full look at their range and for further information https://www.botanics.co.uk/

Shopping in Ireland; please follow the link to Boots Ireland below https://www.boots.ie/botanics

Botanics – A holistic skincare range by Boots, that offers a range of affordable skincare products. Their range includes vegan and organic options. My mission in sharing my skincare journey across my channels and blog extends past suffering from a skin condition. The aim is to highlight the extensive range of cruelty-free brands on the market.

Suffering from a complicated and moody skin issue can drain any person of the desire to make their experience even more challenging; by adding cruelty-free shopping to the checklist. The good news is that cruelty-free skincare shopping and ethical care has become so much more accessible and important, even for those with atopic skin issues.

I am here to assure you that you can shop consciously, even with the likes of Eczema, and also on a budget. You don’t have to sacrifice either in the fight against sensitive skin.

Their website statement; ‘At Botanics, we believe in the holistic power of plants to benefit more than just your skin. Our products are formulated with natural plant extracts and organic ingredients. They are all developed to be effective while staying true to our nature-inspired philosophy.’

What did i buy?

I decided to order some of the day-to-day basics including a cleanser and two moisturizers, just to see how I get on with the brand. Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple when you are trying out a new brand. It is such an accessible product range since they are stocked in Boots. So, if you love the product you can easily get your hands on more.

Simply calm cleansing milk with Sativa seed oil €10.99.

A herby & botanical cleanser that creates a light foam on the face. I would definitely say it’s not a ‘milk’ like product; like the packaging promotes. I wouldn’t let the description error turn you off. I have been trialing this product for over two weeks now as part of my double cleanse in the morning and evening, and I’m overall really happy with it. The skin is definitely left with a beautiful freshness and I have noticed a huge reduction in maskne pimples around the mouth and chin. The product doesn’t specifically state for sensitive skin which again is a little misleading considering the range is called ‘Simply Calm’. For those with a skin condition, like always, I would say be mindful.

In summary for the price, I think it’s a super little product and well worth buying, I am yet to try a Cannabis skincare-based product that hasn’t worked on my Eczema prone skin. The price, the smell, and the fact it’s all-natural make it a winner in my eyes.

Overall rating 6/10 – Would have scored higher if the packaging and wording of the product were a little better.

Shop product now – https://www.boots.ie/botanics/botanics-simply-calm-with-sativa-seed-oil/botanics-simply-calm-milky-cleanser-cannabis-sativa-seed-oil-133ml-10279721

Hydration burst hydrating day lotion with SPF 15 €11.99 https://www.boots.ie/Botanics-Hydration-Burst-Day-Lotion-SPF15-50ml-10231437
Hydration burst hydrating day cream €11.99 https://www.boots.ie/toiletries/washing-bathing/natural-toiletries/Botanics-Hydration-Burst-Hydrating-Day-Cream-50ml-10231438

Both moisturizers from The Botanics Hydration Range were lovely and light. Specifically promoted for dry and sensitive skin which is music to my ears. Both perfect for the summer months, a holiday moisturizer, pre-makeup base, or for those who don’t like heavy/rich day creams. The reason I purchased both is that I use an obscene amount of moisturizer every day, which I guess you could say makes me an expert in the field. I personally love to use either of these moisture boosts before applying my makeup.

Overall rating – 7/10


Its a very difficult thing reviewing and rating skincare, especially against other brands. There is so much to consider, so much competition. Naturally they will rate a little lower against the expensive, high performing brands on the market right now with powerful active ingredients. That doesn’t mean they are no less important or brilliant in their own way. I personally believe for the cost of 10 quid you are getting A LOT with The Botanics brand. The opportunity to shop holistically, ethically, organic and for a really reachable price tag. At the moment I have only tried three products from their range but I have a funny feeling I will continue to be impressed by this brand.

If you are on a budget or shopping for skincare for a young adult in your family, then definitely go for The Botanics Range by Boots.

All products mentioned in this blog post were purchased by me with my own income. Please be aware that skincare is a very personal thing and what works for one person, may not work for another. Have contacted The Botanics brand to query which products specifically are for sensitive skin, and will publish more on the brand at a later date.

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