Kelly is a health coach specialising in Weight Management. Currently working in a busy clinic in County Kildare, Ireland. Where she supports hundreds of people in Ireland on a one to one basis, supporting them with their health aspirations. Through the job she has gained extensive knowledge and experience in using CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques for health change. She is a certified Personal Trainer with qualifications in Advanced Motivational Interviewing and Nutrition. She has over 3000 hours of one to one experience helping individuals with weight loss and weight management. She is currently pursuing further education and training in the fields of Nutrition and Fitness while working in the industry.

Outside of work she is a passionate explorer, taking every opportunity to travel and experience the world. You will see a huge volume of content here on the website about travel as a result. She considerers herself an animal welfare advocate and a proud vegetarian. Life accomplishment’s include publishing her book ‘Build Your Own Body’ and climbing Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu for charity. Kelly is extremely vocal online about her battles with the skin condition Eczema, and loves to share it through social media.

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After training to become a Graphic Designer Kelly realised she wanted pursue a career in the media industry, with a dream of becoming a TV Presenter and model. In 2011 Kelly competed in Miss Universe Ireland and went on to model for Skysports Darts. She then went on to star in Ireland’s most talked about TV series ‘Tallafornia’.

2012 she turned her attention to nutrition, wellness & fitness as an outlet to overcome the challenges she was facing at the time. The field of health and fitness became a feel-good obsession and a hobby. Going on to start her first fitness blog (before it became the trend it is today) as a way to learn more and develop her knowledge. Little did she know at that early stage that it would later become her career.

Her health and fitness articles have appeared in The Irish Sun, Life Magazine, You Magazine and more.

In January 2013 Kelly decided to take on a new challenge and a new way to harnass her passion for training and fitness. She reistered to compete in Ireland’s Spring Classic competition taking place in May 2013. After weeks of hard work and dedication she went on to win her category, which came as an absolute shock. Kelly enjoyed her time competing as an amateur bikini-bodybuilder within Ireland’s RIBBF Federation. She took home several trophies and went on to represent Ireland at The IFBB European Championships 2015 in Spain.

Kelly published her debut book in 2015 called Build Your Own Body with leading Irish publisher Gill Books. The book is aimed to inspire people with practical health tips to focus on strength and fitness. Writing the book was one of Kelly’s greatest challenges but also one of her biggest achievements. You can purchase Build Your Own Body from Easons, Amazon and more.

Travel …

As mentioned above Kelly spends as much of her free time travelling the globe as possible around her full-time job as a health coach. Part of this website is a diary of Kelly’s adventure’s, where she shares all of her tips and travel photographs. She finds just as much joy creating travel content and itineraries as she does actually travelling.

She has worked with many brands over the years and has also published travel articles for The Irish Independent and The Irish Sun Newspapers. Kelly was also nominated for ‘Best use of video‘ by a travel blogger in the 2016 Travel Media Awards Ireland.

Kelly has visited some special destinations over the past four years including South America, Africa, Iceland and many other destinations. Climbing Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu was by far his biggest travel hihlight today.