Kelly Donegan is one of Ireland’s most familiar faces, She’s gone from reality tv star to a trusted health and wellbeing expert. A passionate travel addict and writer, who is renowned for her extreme physical challenges.

She is an eternal rebel and self confessed tomboy. Her career began as a model, with a dream to someday work in the world of television and radio. In the early days of her media career she worked for brands like Skysports, and in 2011 appeared in one of Ireland’s most talked about TV shows on TV3 called ‘Tallafornia’.

Kelly has worked with a huge list of national charity organisations, including The Irish Cancer Society, Dogs Aid to The Irish Heart Foundation.

Recently Kelly has found herself travelling the world, as most young women do in their 20’s. She decided to share her adventures across social media and through print media, publishing a range of articles and working with hundreds of national and international travel brands. In 2016 she was nominated for ‘Best use of video’ in the Travel Media Awards.

Recently published travel articles: The Irish Independent: Kelly Donegan’s Kilimanjaro: 5,895m, black toenails and a lifetime memory / The Irish Sun: Delights of Istrian Way / The Irish Sun: Beauty & The Feast.

Kelly went on to become a top health and fitness expert, publishing her first book in May 2016 with leading publisher Gill books called ‘Build Your Own Body‘. Writing Build Your Own Body was a response to the impact fitness had on her life, and how it helped her discover her inner strength through health and exercise. It is a revolutionary book that helps people build the body of their dreams. In the book she discusses in detail, for the first time, her experiences on reality television and her low self esteem, mental health and finding her true self. She is a qualified Personal Trainer and renowned for her extreme physical challenges, from fitness competitions to ultimate climbing adventures. A passionate philanthropist, who has summited both Machu Picchu and Kilimanjaro in the name of charity.

Kelly currently works as a weight management consultant, helping people improve their lifestyles, mental wellbeing and work towards their health goals.

Build Your Own Body is a motivating and honest journal from the heart that all women should read.










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