One day trip exploring The Sunny South East; County Wexford.

I decided to write a mini feature about my wonderful trip to County Wexford last weekend. It has been a long intention of mine to create more travel content about my captivating and mythical home country of Ireland. I spent many memorable years as a child exploring the 32 counties. Trips of wild salty hair, dips in the chilly Irish sea’s and visiting incredible celtic sights. We made our way from town to town, stuffed into the back of a family van amongst ALL of my cousins.

Simple but beautiful memories, that i want to relive as an adult.

Why you should visit Wexford ?

It takes between 1 & 2 hours to reach County Wexford, depending on the town. Making it the perfect day trip location for The Irish and tourists alike.

How much can you do in one day ?

Where there’s a will there’s a way. You can really squeeze in so many exciting things in one short day, it just depends on how much energy you have and how ambitious you are.

My 1 day Wexford itinerary

  1. Aim to be in Wexford and ready to explore by the latest 11am
  2. First head for Wexford town and explore the adorable small streets and Irish store fronts.
  3. Kick off your day eating a traditional Irish breakfast at The Centenary Stores while you listen to live Irish music outdoors from 12.30am to 2.30pm. It was such a highlight and it would make for the most unique experience for tourists wanting that authentic Irish feeling. I also opted for the breakfast sourdough sandwich, filled with eggs and goats cheese (IT WAS RIDICULOUS)
  4. After you’ve filled up on Traditional Irish music and good food, make your way to Johnstown Castle and Gardens. The grounds is roughly a 12 minute drive from Wexford town and VERY easy to find. The castle dates back to 1170 and comprises of a huge acre of lands, filled with enchanting gardens and museums. They even have REAL PEACOCKS !!! A nice little extra would have been to bring along a little picnic.
  5. After you’ve explored the extensive gardens of Johnstown Castle jump back into your car. Now it’s time to finish of your day in one of the most famous tourist spots for all Irish alike, Carne Beach. Cairn Beach is the perfect place to end your day trip in Wexford, as it is located on route back to Dublin (if that’s where you’re going) Bring along your swimsuit or wetsuit and get ready for a chilly but refreshing dip. Alternatively you can relax and take in the incredible views. The most important and vital thing not to forget is your 99 icecream !

Photo from The Centenary Stores live music session. Eat breakfast while you listen to authentic trad music.


A short but nice idea for those looking for ways to further explore Ireland. Here i feature three unique ideas for your upcoming trip to Wexford, but the list of sights and activities are endless.


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