Umberto Giannini is a young and fun cruelty free brand, that will nourish and cleanse your hair. Know deep down that you’re doing right by shopping cruelty free and contributing to a kinder future. This is another excellent example of a brand which delivers on quality, message, packaging and ethos !

Am i right that testing on animals is COMPLETELY unnecessary in 2017, and if brands like this can deliver without using old fashioned means of testing the safety of their product by harming living animals, why can’t the rest ?

It's time to take action and shop with a conscience.

Umberto Giannini is an expert in hair care with over 25 years in the industry. They are a wicked brand and available from Boots and Harvey Nichols in Dublin, and also available online for those further away. The brand is ultra feminine, young and radiates fun. The entire range if both cruelty free and vegan !

I decided to try out both the nourishing and moisturizing range, with natural curly hair that enjoys drying at any opportunity given. I adored the ‘Over Indulge’ hair mask which made for the perfect Friday night reward. I also give a huge thumbs up to the luxurious serum and hair oil.

               My overall rating is a big thumbs up giving this hair care brand an above average score of 3 our 5 stars on the results of the products ive tested. Ive also given the brand an obvious additional star below for its moral testing of their products and incredible ethos, serving animals lovers and vegans across the world.

Giving Umberto Giannini 4/5 stars for being AWESOME !


To shop this Vegan brand, follow the link here now

Umberto Giannini hair care sent me a range of their products several months ago to test. There was no commercial obligation to create content regarding the brand, and all accounts and opinions above are genuine and my own.

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