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2016 was a year of rediscovering myself.  One where i FINALLY took the time to travel and live.

Something i had neglected massively over my late teens and early twenties, at my peril. I had every excuse under the sun to avoid having fun, typically because i was so stressed out and focused on my career.

Over the course of last year i visited 11 different cities/countries, over that time realising the importance to just simply have some fun. A little thing like taking a day out to do nothing or discovering your own home city. It can be a really pleasurable affair and ive fallen back in love with the city that has grown up with me.

Dublin has so much to offer for locals and its time to start treating it like any other holiday destination or city break. Gorgeous Georgian architecture, bustling nature, charming atmospheres and laugh filled experiences.  From food to adventure, Dublin really has it all.

Here are some fun things that ive gotten up to in Dublin over the past few weeks.

There is plenty more to come from this and i also welcome all your own favourite things to do in Dublin below. Whether it’s your favourite place to grab a coffee or walk, building, place or quirky street art.

Leave a comment below and share a piece of Dublin.

Sketch at The Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens is located in Glasnevin and is roughly 20 minutes from city center.  The Gardens are totally free to the public and are well worth a visit. It’s a place i love to visit on a Sunday and ive spent many fond days here sketching the beautiful plants. There is a lovely cafe on sight and loads of great workshops from photography to gardening available too.

Take Dublin bus number 4, 9 or 83 to visit Dublin’s Botanic Gardens. 

Visit the Guinness Storehouse

The Guiness Storehouse is such a massive attraction for tourists, and one typically overlooked by local Dubliners or Irish. I am pleased to say i visited this national gem for a second time recently and left once again as a Guinness master, pouring what some would call the PERFECT pint of the black stuff. Its €14 for an adult admission and for that price you get to journey through the history, making, advertising and last but not least the skyline bar at The Guinness Storehouse, overlooking beautiful Dublin (see below).

A perfect outing especially on a typical rainy Dublin day.

Book your ticket now Guinness Storehouse

Leave a lock at the Ha’penny Bridge

As far as i know this is TECHNICALLY not allowed but regardless, the Ha’penny Bridge is one of the most iconic symbols of Dublin life and one everybody should appreciate. I personally think the locks are beautiful and make for the perfect snap but what’s even more beautiful is its years helping Dubliners cross from north to south Dublin, 200 years to be precise.

A must visit for tourists and an icon for locals to appreciate.

Vintage Tea Tours

The perfect ladies day out, REPEAT, LADIES. I had the pleasure of jumping aboard the Vintage Tea Tours recently with my little sister. The rain was POURING down and we were absolutely in our element zipping around Dublin inner city from Phoenix Park to O’Connell Street. We spent an hour and a half nibbling goodies and listening to many stories all about Dublin’s fair city.

Tickets start from €40 and they also look after vegetarians.

Book your seat now Vintage Tea Tours

Shout at stranger on The Viking Splash

What could be more pleasurable than screaming at innocent ant totally unprepared pedestrians, walking along the streets of Dublin or sipping coffee and chatting with friends. The Viking Splash offers a unique and interactive way to experience the city and the tour is utterly Irish and packed full of sarcasm and dark humor. You will explore the city by land and by sea wearing hilarious viking hats all for €22.

Join the next Viking Splash tour; Book your ticket here

Eat breakfast in The Bakehouse

This isn’t really an essential in Dublin but more of a personal favourite one that i enjoy on a very regular basis. It is located just on the north side of the Ha’penny Bridge. You will find the most DELICIOUS breakfast options from pancakes, to full Irish without the grease and luxury baps. I take my food very seriously and i we all that breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day but the most yummy.

Have a perv here The Bakehouse Menu

Address: 6 Bachelors Walk Dublin

Chelsea Drugstore

This was a recent discovery and a nice little location to sip fruity cocktails while we took cover from the rain. The Chelsea Drugstore is located on Georges Street and is a really cosy location for a drink. The bohemian bar not only serves cocktails from Tokyo Nights to Discoballs but also has a selection of nibbles on offer. This is the perfect location for a date or to catch up with a girlfriend.

Feed the swans at Portobello

The canals are a lovely walk on a Sunday and you can visit the local residents (the swans) and say hello.

A really simple Dublin idea

Irish Whiskey Museum

As a Dublin girl its hard not to admit i am fond of a whiskey or two and it would be my preference above all other alcoholic drinks. Whether its in a cocktail, with ice or coke i just cant help myself. I had heard great things about The Irish Whiskey Museum from international friends and i found myself thinking, why the hell have i not visited as a whiskey fan. Its located right beside Trinity College and tickets start at €16 for the Classic Tour. Its a really lovely little tour and you find out just how much the Irish loved whiskey over the decades and you may also leave a little happier than you arrived, probably from tasting all that whiskey.

Well worth a visit and for more information follow the link here http://www.irishwhiskeymuseum.ie/


Dublin is my home and a place i love with all of my heart. With all of that in mind i suspect that this will be the first of many Dublin focused blog posts. 



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