8 things you have to do in Budapest

Budapest has become a destination that i visit on a regular basis. In 2016 i visited Hungary twice, and i am currently already planning my third escape. I have become quite the expert on all things Hungarian, with a little local help. From food, to phrases, sightseeing to fun. I hope to spread the word about this incredible city, and encourage my readers to plan a trip to The Pearl Of The Danube. It’s a destination that offers everything from inspirational architecture, rich food culture and flights for €100 return OR LESS.

Here what to do during your next escape to Budapest:

Eat a Chimney Cake while you take the Metro

The smell of sweet and infectious chimney cakes, is my first and fondest memory of Budapest. Stepping into the metro station for the first time and following the scent all the way to the stand. Choose from chocolate, coconut, cherry, to walnut and cinnamon. It’s a must, AND a delightful treat, while you jump from station to station, exploring the city.

Leave a message on the wall at The For Sale Pub

The For Sale Pub was such a fun and unique experience during my second trip to Budapest. I will be honest and say it is WAY more expensive than other places in Budapest, but i guess you are paying for the unique experience on offer and the HUGE portions of food. It is such a charming pub, regardless of the mass crowds queuing to get a seat in this hot tourist destination. There is lively music and a huge selection of traditional Hungarian food on the menu from Hortobágyi Palacsinta (Hungarian Paprika Pancakes) to Töltött Káposzta (Stuffed cabbage with pork and rice)   Last but not least, leave your personal message or token on the wall amongst the rest.

Snap the Parliament Building

Budapest is filled with endless architectural beauty encompassing the old and the new. Every corner you turn features something incredible to see. Some of you may not know that i spent three years in Art college studying Print and Graphic Design, during that time i discovered a particular love for Art Nouveau, a style that echos throughout Budapest. Most of the buildings are decorative and simply so breathtaking, including the Museum of Applied Arts, The Geological Institute and Gellert Baths. But, none more impressive than the Gothic Hungarian Parliament building, sitting right beside the Danube.

Drink Unicum at The Red Ruin Bar

Sip local drinks including Palinka (Hungarian fruit brandy) or Unicum (Hungarian herbal liquor) beside Lenin and Stalin. A lighthearted inspired communist bar attracting tourists and local students alike. The Red Ruin Bar also offers great 2 for 1 deals, no surprise all the students love it.

Take your pick of pancake toppings

This little gem is located right beside The Danube and across from the epic Hungarian Parliament Building. Nagyi Palacsintázója is basically a pancake shop with everything from sweet to savoury on offer. Its a bit rough and ready but enjoyable none the less, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me. I bet you didn’t know that Hungary was famous for its pancakes.

Take the cable car to Erzsébet (Elizabeth) Lookout Tower

During my second trip to Budapest i decided to take the famous cable lift from Libegő to János Hill, Budapest’s highest point. A typical Sunday adventure for the locals, couples to families and surprisingly not too many tourists, which is always lovely. Take the chair lift all the way to the top, where you’re greeted by mulled wine stands and Langos (MY FAVOURITE THING EVER) Take a short ten minute walk up to the tower where you can catch a full panoramic view of Budapest.

Enjoy the Drink of The Devil at The Budapest Christmas Markets

If you’re ever lucky enough to visit Budapest around November/December you will get to experience one of the most incredible things to do in the city, The Budapest Christmas Markets. Live music, trinkets, local foods and sweets, topped off with buzzing energy from the visitors. If you get the chance to experience the festive markets be sure to order the famous ‘Drink of The Devil’, as its been formally nicknamed. Its real name Krampampuli, is a hot winter drink made with Palinka, wine, dried fruits, sugar and local spices.

Visit Cat Cafe Budapest

If you’re an animal lover like me then you will simply love the Cat Cafe Budapest. Chill out surrounded by furry felines located right in the middle of the city.


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