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 I have fallen in love with the outdoors but i guess it isn’t a big surprise as a sporty girl. I am lucky to call myself the brand ambassador for an exciting campaign called Trek4life an incentive that encourages people to take on a physical challenge in aid of The Irish Cancer Society. Not only do i get to face some of the world’s most exciting mountains but i also get to promote healthy living and exercise. Its a wonderful thing to be involved with plus i get the opportunity to try out a new sport which is hiking. Last year i took on the Peruvian mountains of Machu Picchu and was surrounded by both experienced and new mountain hikers which was wonderful, hiking is addictive and its also a huge opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors and nature. Hiking and outdoor style is a law of its own and cant compared with your daily sportswear gear. What i have learned is that the two C’s are essential, colour and comfort. I’m going to share my top tips with you and also share a recent adventure up the Dublin mountains where i visited Victors Way wearing Regatta


COMFORT is literally the most important aspect of hiking and outdoor fashion. I had to learn this the hard way as an amateur and lost two toe nails in the process of my stupidity. There is a lot of things you can save on and be more price conscience of but unfortunately hiking is something you should invest in. The items you buy will last a lifetime and can be worn across the board, not just on the side of a mountain. I’ve recently started preparing for this years expedition to Kilimanjaro in September and the first thing i knew i needed to get was a QUALITY pair of hiking boots. Like i said last year i went the cheap route and paid the price, two toe nails to be precise. This year i went for these Regatta Lady Samaris mid boot which i think look really cool and are also much more reasonable in price in comparison to other quality brands out there. They cost €90/£75 which is a really great price. I took them out for a spin last weekend in the Dublin mountains which is important, its essential to break in new boots. Typically you can go for a black/grey tone or brown with most boots i personally liked the black/grey versions.

COLOUR is king. What i adore about outdoor fashion is you can literally go wild with colour and its encouraged. Mix and match, vibrant tones, crazy patterns; it all works and it just makes the adventures more fun. I assure that you wont see a hiker rocking a minimal all black outfit, hell no they will be wearing a rainbow and the biggest smile you can imagine. When your an outdoor nut you embrace colour and i advise any newbies to go wild. Here are two pieces that ive added to my hiking wardrobe recently ahead of Kilimanjaro, yep taste the rainbow. Ignis Hybrid Jacket in Coral (€53.55/£44.95) and Andresson II Hybrid in Blackcurrant (€38/£31.95)


Layering is another important aspect to consider especially if you plan to hike around Ireland. With weather so unpredictable it’s important to pack as many layers as possible both warm and waterproof. Plus the under layers that you get make for AMAZING lounging gear. I have been living in these Regatta fleeces since i picked them up and wear them almost everyday from chilling at home to walking the dog, this Montes Fleece in particular in light steel below (€20.85/£17.49)

Packing all depends on the length of your hike and the destination. If you are considering a large international hike then you really need to consider a 25ltr bag or more which will hold everything from your water, medication, snacks to clothing. From experience black is the best way to go when selecting a bag and its the only item i recommend going dark. This bag will be thrown around and spend a lot of time on the ground, in campsites and going from place to place. If you want your bag to withstand the test of time then go dark. In terms of comfort and looking after your back always go for a bag that has supportive straps across the front, you will be grateful i promise. I went for this 35 Ltr from Regatta Survivor II rucksack (€23.76/£19.95)



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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more hiking tips and advice.

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