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After almost three years of being a complete fitness nut i guess you could say i’ve become quite the expert in finding sneaky and fun ways to be fitter and healthier. I decided to share some of my many hacks with Xpose recently, one of Ireland’s leading entertainment shows where i discuss in detail five great hacks that i use. If you watched the section i’m sure you are wondering where do i get my hands on those products and how much they cost, so i decided to write a detailed blog post to give you the full low down on each. I focused on five products including Glenisk high protein yogurt, Beanies Flavour Coffee, Green Freaks supplement, Nutribullet & The Bodyfirst Malahide 2.2 water bottle

1. Upgrade your yogurt


If you’re a fan of yogurt and eat it regularly then i HIGHLY recommend upgrading your brand. People always tend to reach for low fat and zero sugar but underneath they actually have NO IDEA what they are eating. If you can’t live without yogurt then it’s time to put down the low fat brands and pick up a quality brand that is higher in nutrtional value. The reason i’m a fan of the Glenisk High Protein range and their 0% fat range is mostly because it tastes good, but secondly and probably more important is its amazing nutritional value. There are some other great international brands which make greek yogurt but i’m always keen to support great irish products and always reach for Glenisk when i’m enjoying a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Check these stats out;

Glenisk 0% Fat Greek Protein Yogurt


0.2% Fat

102 calories

12 g of protein (AMAZING)

13g of Carbohydrates

11g of Sugar

0.12g of Salt

Typical daily nutrition breakdown for women in 20’s (Varies depends on goals and person)

1690 calories per day / 150g of protein per day /  70g of fat per day / 130g of carbs per day 

Glenisk is available nationwide in all major stores including Tesco, Dunnes, Super Valu, Costcutters & Londis

Large pots €2.99 & Small pots €1.29

2. Have fun with your coffee

If you’re a fitness addict just like me then the reality is that you are probably a self confessed coffee addict, yes we love our caffeine especially to give us a kick start in the morning or ahead of a workout. Black coffee is always low in calories regardless of the brand typically between 2 and 4 calories and offers a range of fat burning properties. Maintaining a fit and healthy diet can get boring and variety is the spice of life and by getting creative you can really enjoy living healthy. Beanies Coffee is one of my go to brands available in a range of exciting flavours from Irish Cream to Chocolate Orange. Its not the strongest coffee you’ll drink but it really adds a bit of fun and variety to your daily caffeine kick. I often make iced coffees with Beanies Flavours using almond milk or a coffee smoothie with banana and oats.

Beanies Flavours are a new brand in Ireland and are only available to buy in Dunnes Stores in the following stores.

Dublin – George’s St Dublin, Leopardstown, Finglas Charlestown, Kilnamanagh, Clondalkin, Tallaght, Cornelscourt, Stephens Green, Blanchardstown. 

Outside Dublin – Jetland – Limerick, Marshes S/Centre – Dundalk, Gorey – Wexford,  Enniscorthy – Wexford, Thurles – Tipperary

Price €3.59

3. Go BIG with your water bottle

I’ve been using these 2.2 ltr water bottles for over a year now and am absolutely addicted. The typical daily intake of water is suggested to be 2 litres per day and lets be fair we all struggle to get that amount of liquid in. Using the 2.2 litre bottle by Bodyfirst Malahide allows me to get my daily intake of water in without much stress or hassle. These water bottles are not only super stylish, easy to carry but are also BPA free (Chemical free). It is always my daily goal to drink a full bottle during my workout then i know i’m covered, any extra water through out the day is just a bonus.

Available from Bodyfirst Nutrition Malahide for €9.99

4. Sneaky greens

Do you hate eating your greens? Well you’re not the only one. I get so many emails and messages about how people HATE eating vegetables and salads so i thought i would share my ultimate vegetable hack with  Xpose and with you now. I can’t point out enough how important it is to include vegetables in your diet, they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are key to full health and will be key to getting in shape. There is no replacement for good quality and natural food and i’m a big believer in steering clear of food replacement shakes and pills. That being said there are so many easy and delicious ways to get your greens in and here are two of my favourites.

Yes prayers have been answered !! There is ACTUALLY a green supplement on the market, considered the most complete superfood supplements on the market. The product is packed with spirulina, chlorella and a range of other essential vitamins and minerals. The product tastes very healthy (which is always a good sign) and also has a nice apple hit. I will say that this should not be used as a total replacement for green vegetables but can really help if you struggle to get them in. I typically have one serving in the morning but include roughly four or five portions of vegetables throughout the day.  My opinion is the more greens the better 🙂

Available from Absolute Nutrition for €34.00

Buy here Greens Freak


Time to get your smoothie on and its time to do it with using the Nutribullet. Its one of my ultimate ways to get my greens in and a really easy and yummy way to do it. There really is no excuse for avoiding greens especially when you can throw a handful of spinach into a smoothie packed with fruits and flavour. I literally throw a full bag of spinach into one smoothie and top with frozen fruits and almond milk. Some days i’m just not in the mood for a plate of broccoli and  go the smoothie direction and i think you should too.

Nutribullet is available from Argos for €106

Thanks for reading

Kelly x

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