A charming city trip that is utterly underrated, a real European gem of stunning 18th century buildings and modern little cafes. A destination with great little sight seeing opportunities where you can see the influences of both Hungary and Austria. I decided to visit the city as past of my Hungarian adventure and with 2016 being my year to see more of the world i made it my business to take a small detour to Bratislava, and i am so glad that i did. Totally different from Budapest which made the trip even more exciting. A much smaller city but rich in culture and fun non the less. The weather unfortunately was a little unpredictable over the two days from rain, sleet to glorious sun shine. Although even when it was frosty and wet there were so many lovely places to shelter, where you can enjoy the yummy cuisine of the country. The city is even better when the sun is out, where you can walk around the old town and absorb the views of elegant and decorative buildings. I highly recommend a visit to the small city especially if you are visiting cities like Austria, Budapest or any of the other Eastern European destinations.

 How to get there

At the minute you can fly to Bratislava for €29.99 on the 4th of April 2016 with Ryanair, or like me you can make the city a part of a larger European trip. You can take the train from Budapest from Keleti station to Hlavna Stanica (One way ticket €19) The train takes about 2.5 hours and is super comfortable, althought there is no wifi so be sure to bring along a book or an adult colouring book like me. When you arrive at Hlavna Stanica walk directly outside and find the tram location. Take the number 1 tram directly to city center for only 70 cent. Also highly recommend buying a days worth of travel, i found myself hoping on and off trams the entire duration of the trip spending 70 cent on every trip. Also i would recommend checking out the Bratislava city card, i decided to get one because of all of the discounts from sightseeing to restaurants

Where to stay

I decided to go with Hotel Devin for my Bratislava visit, a hotel situated right on the beautiful Danube. Also walking distance from two of the main attractions including Bratislava castle and The UFO Tower. The hotel was perfect for my Bratislava adventure and so convenient especially as the tram stopped literally beside it. Hotel Devin also have a great lunch menu which is super cheap and a beautiful spa which i unfortunately didn’t have time to enjoy. Our first day in the city unfortunately was so cold and rainy and arriving back to the toasty hotel was absolute bliss. I found myself snug in my sheets with a yummy bottle of Slovakian wine called Elesko. Also the hotel offers a really delicious Slovakian buffet breakfast with a selection of cold and hot foods. I adored the sausage, sour cabbage and sweet treats.

This hotel is within walking distance to absolutely everything and can be booked for as little as €79.

For more information on Hotel Devin please follow the link below

Food / Drink

Bratislava is a serious spot for food and even better when it comes to quality drink. I am not a big alcohal drinker but always enjoy a trying out the local beverages especially with a meal. What i thought was really interesting about Slovakian cuisine is that they share almost all of their dishes with Hungary, which makes sense as they were once one country many moons ago. If you visit Bratislava i would strongly urge you to try the pork/chicken schnitzel and savory dumplings. They also have KILLER local beers and would highly recommend giving them a whirl during your visit, the beer also goes perfectly with the food surprise surprise. If your feeling brave be sure to try Slivovitz a Slovakian plum brandy, one or two and you’ll have the best night ever.

Here are some great food & drink suggestions for your trip to Bratislava.

  1. Slovak Pub

    This is the ultimate Slovak place to eat for tourists without the typical tourist price tag. A huge selection of high quality local dishes for a great price. The Slovak Pub also has a great atmosphere and a really enjoyable place to eat where you can enjoy local beers. Be sure to look at what i ordered below including the garlic soup which came served in a bread bowl and sausage dumplings.

    Read more here about Slovak Pub –

       2. Cafe Stur

I actually stumbled upon Cafe Stur as one does when they are searching for an early coffee in a new city. Actually the very last thing i did in the city before leaving for Budapest. The cafe was roughly five minutes away from Hotel Devin and serves the BEST caramel cheesecake i have ever tasted in my entire life (and ive eaten my fair share of cheesecake)

Check out their website here –


         3) Bratislava Mestiansky Pivovar

This was another super place i discovered just by chance and actually somewhere i really recommend checking out for future Bratislava visitors. You know this spot is a winner if its filled to the rafters with lively locals eating and drinking. The food was AMAZING and even better they brew their own beer which was a real treat.

      3. Elesko Wine

I was lucky enough to be left a bottle of this local wine in my bedroom at Hotel Devin, and after a day exploring the city in the cold and rain i was only delighted to jump into bed with a bottle of this. Its a locally produced brand and worth ordering if you see it on the menu.

Must do

  1. Check out the view from The UFO Tower
  2. Primatial Palace
  3. Walk around the old town and look at the beautiful buildings
  4. St. Michaels Gate
  5. Take in The Danube River
  6. Blue Church
  7. National Theatre
  8. Franciscan Church
  9. Ursuline Church
  10. Bratislava Castle



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Be sure to check out my travel vlog and see what i got up to in the city of Bratislava.

A special thank you to Hotel Devin Bratislava



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