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Sometimes a photograph can say so much more than the most colourful of words, and i think you will agree that these photos symbolize a seriously happy lady. My smile makeover which you have all been following has finally come to an end and i am now the proud owner of my dream smile, something i thought would remain in my dreams for many years. Some of you reading may think ‘hey who cares you just got some dental work’ , but for me it is something that means so much more. I am a pretty content lady but as a fitness freak i spend a lot of time working hard to look my best and to be my healthiest, and i think it is pretty normal to take pride in your appearance. I wouldn’t be influenced too heavily by the media (actually i think that’s impossible in this generation) but i like to do things for me and improving my smile has been on my list since a young teenager. With a past in TV & modelling i have experienced my fair share of bullying online, my smile being a common topic for ridicule. Don’t worry this isn’t a sad story and even back then i always had a laugh at people’s ability to insult others and in turn actually embarrassing themselves. I wanted to fix my teeth since a teen and as a result of those nasty online comments i felt that if i changed my teeth like planned i would be giving in to their unwanted opinions. I decided i wouldn’t allow this negativity to take something away from me, a gift to myself  that i had wanted for many years before those remarks. You know fixing my teeth doesn’t change me in anyway but it has given me a massive boost, and it has really made a difference especially as a girl who spends most of her time smiling like a creepy weirdo. Its true i smile even when there is no reason, so i feel somewhat more complete with my new Hollywood smile. 

Time to take you on a visual journey from a girl who was highly insecure about having a gummy smile and tiny little teeth. 

Below is a photo i took before my first treatment with My Dental  actually my teeth dont look too bad here, probably because i’m posing as you do. You will actually see in the before and after below how extreme my gummy smile was and the dramatic transformation. Before my treatment i had a really bad experience with a dentist during secondary school where a root canal was done incorrectly and it was insanely painful to get done. Turns out the job was done wrong and the dentist had conveniently moved to Australia on discovering the errors of the previous treatment. Pretty annoying and distressing considering the cost of dental work and the pain involved. As you can imagine my hatred for the dentist didn’t improve after that experience. Actually as long as i can remember i hated my smile but i could never bring myself to make them a priority, which i now regret so badly. I realise my teeth are not to bad but for me the overlapping teeth, lack of length and the protruding gum size anytime i smiled really didn’t install any confidence in smiling. I know i have discussed most of the treatment with you in my previous posts but for anyone who hasn’t caught them i will refresh you. 


Part 1 – Booked myself a consultation with My Dental. Was really blown away by their customer service and also how much time they give you during a FREE consultation. They spent thirty minutes with me discussing my past experiences, issues and goals. They also took an X- ray where we then discussed a potential plan. I found it really amazing how honest they were : saying things they thought were a priority and everything in between. For me this included a crown to secure the weak tooth i had due to the root canal, improving my gum health and also aesthetic recommendations. They told me things that i should be aware of for the future like fillings that may need to be replaced. We came to a conclusion that we would go for a gingivectomy (gum lengthening treatment to raise my gum line and improve my gummy smile) one crown and nine ultra thin veneers. The full package was sent to me by email and then i went ahead to book my first treatment. 

Part 2 – The gingevectomy with Dr Andoni Jones. I was really excited about this part of the treatment especially as the large amount of visible gum when i smile was my biggest issue. I was well assured that the treatment would be painless and pretty easy in terms of recovery. I know the thought of cutting away gum sounds pretty traumatic but i assure you it was TOTALLY painless, i genuinely didn’t feel a thing. After the anesthetic wore off i found the gums to be a little tender but nothing major. The difference was unbelievable and now all i had to do was heel 100% before the next part of my treatment (2 weeks healing). 

Part 3 – Prepping for the veneers with Dr Carmen and her lovely nurse Emma. This part of the treatment was pretty cool and took about two hours in total. During this treatment Dr Carmen removed any overlapping in my teeth and made sure all of my teeth were smooth and ready to be fitted with the new ultra thin veneers. We also took all of the measurements too. Check out the photo below you can see all the previous overlapping is gone.


Part 4 – THE VENEERS & new crown. Dr Carmen and Emma worked on me for about 2.5 hours fitting the new veneers and my new crown. Since the treatment everyone has been asking me how painful the treatment was and i am always happy to respond ‘absolutely painless and no i didn’t need to shave all of my teeth away’. This is always a massive concern for anyone considering veneers and one for me also, so that’s why i decided to go with the ultra thin version. ‘Ultra thin veneers are the latest breakthrough in dental veneers. Until relatively recently, veneers were a fairly one-dimensional product, but all that’s changed with the arrival of Ultra Thin Veneers – also referred to as Non-prep veneers.These new veneers are so thin that our dentist can bond them directly onto the surface of the front teeth. Because they are so thin the teeth do not have to be shaved which means that there’s no drilling involved – so no anaesthetic either. It also means that your original teeth are left untouched. To give you an idea of how thin they are, think of a contact lens – it really is the last work in discreet treatment.’ My Dental. 

After the treatment Dr Carmen handed me the mirror for the first inspection i was blown away, emotional and in utter shock at how beautiful my teeth were. So white, so natural and so perfect. The minute i walked outside from the dental surgery i started crying (which is a rare occurrence for me can i just say). Ive had a couple of water work sessions since my treatment, tears of joy and happiness. The confidence it has given me is indescribable and i still cant believe i have my dream smile. The team were so wonderful through out the journey and i no longer have a phobia of dentists and i have significantly improved my oral hygiene thanks to to My Dental. I have even booked in already for my next cleaning in May as i plan on maintaining this smile for life. 

_______________________________________________________________________________Here are the images i shared online that got a CRAZY huge reaction, the quality is pretty bad but i guess the results speak for them self and the transformation is pretty dramatic. Over 10 thousand peeps checked out my before and after photo below so i thought i would share it here again, it got over 150 comments across all my channels too. I think that a lot of people can relate with having an insecurity about their smile and also dream of doing something about it.

                                           image1 (24)            image1 (26)

I also decided to organise a fun shoot called the SMILE FILES, probably the first shoot where i smiled in every single photo. Check out these images below of my first shoot post transformation with My Dental







A huge thank you for reading my smile file post about my amazing transformation with My Dental. The photographs speak for themselves and i am just so happy with the results of my dental work. I feel so happy and i seriously have not stopped smiling. A big sorry to anyone who follows me on Snapchat as i know they are all of my teeth so MY BAD. My Dental were wonderful through out the journey, so friendly and professional and i would recommend them to anyone considering dental work. Their prices are also unbelievable and you wont find a better clinic that offers both quality and affordability, they also offer a 0% finance option too.

If you have any questions about the treatment, the clinic or anything relevant message me below and i would be happy to help. Otherwise contact My Dental directly on 01-6673556 or email them here

You can also check out their range of treatments on their website here :



Also decided to include these nice shots that were taken during our SMILE FILE shoot. I wanted to wear something simple and comfortable. I actually adore this ribbed knit coordinate from Boohoo, set is under €20 too. Check out the links below. 

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