Ultimate packing guide for hiking trips



So i have been promising this post for quite some time, and i am thrilled to finally share it with all of you future trekking goddesses and world explorers. Actually being honest this post took quite some time to put together, and i wanted to make it as colourful and as honest as possible. Packing in itself is daunting let alone packing for an international hike, i know because i had to do it. Nature usually means we leave all aspects of this to last minute, but i urge you to start early and don’t be like me. Anyone that knows me will know i left all aspects of this trip to last minute, which added a lot of extra stress but it didn’t stop me going on a date the night before i flew either (might i mention i was flying at 5 am and also hadn’t packed a thing). Dont worry i made it on time, a little disheveled and confused but packed and ready. My best advise is to start packing early, get organised because there is a lot to consider. This list includes products and equipment that are both essential and useful on an international hike.


Firstly don’t be terrified by the large list of items below, it is totally manageable just start early and pick up items piece by piece. Also it is important to note that my list has been designed around my own personal trek which was The Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu. Which included 10 days including travel, transfers and six days of hiking towards Machu Picchu in Peru. The equipment, medication and quantity of items may vary depending on where you are hiking in the world or how long you will be hiking for. It is also important to mention my trip was organised as part of a charity trip along with a company who organised the schedule, flights etc, meaning i was not responsible for the organisational element to the trip.

Now lets speak honestly from a girl who likes to look for a bargain, who likes to be natural but still wants to look her best and who also tends to be unprepared especially when it comes to packing under pressure. Some of the items below you genuinely need to invest in and i learned the hard way that you will pay for being a cheapskate on a serious mountain hike. That being said there is still plenty of room to reduce the cost of some of your items, but again starting early and buying something every week or month will really help. I will also hold my hand up and say i brought along some natural makeup and beauty items. I have zero shame in saying i wanted to look my best and not like a total mountain troll and i am very glad i did. There will also be items below you may think you don’t need but believe me, you will need it all.


1)  Passport

This is an obvious one to mention, but the most important item because you wont be leaving the country without it. Make sure your passport is in date and also that you leave enough time to order a new one if it is out. Also no harm having a box and starting to put all of these items in it. Being organised i promise will lead to a more enjoyable lead up to the trip and will leave you time to be excited.

2) Flight tickets

Lucky for me all of the travel details were pre organised but i still had to carry all of my documents with me including transfer flight tickets, return etc. No harm checking in advanced who the person is organising this side of the trip.

3) Check list & Schedule

Making a check list should be the very very first thing you do after signing up for the trek. Write a big bold list and hang it in your bedroom or kitchen, a frequent reminder of what you need to get. It also allows you to tick items off bit by bit. I genuinely cant emphasis the importance of a checklist, include EVERYTHING on the list because there is nothing worse then being on a mountain without something. Also it is going to take you a while to get everything especially for a first timer.

4) Travel Insurance

The company you are fundraising for or travelling with will usually suggest a travel insurance company. If not make sure to organise this, it is really important and your health and safety is not something you want to be putting at risk. My insurance for the trip was roughly €80 but covered everything from accidents, hospitals to rescues.

5 ) Travel Vaccinations

Pretty funny i actually totally forgot about travel vaccines leading up to my trip, i was pretty preoccupied with training and the fundraising. It is also a big bill and one worth getting out of the way well in advanced, i left mine last minute but i still managed to get the required doses ahead of Machu Picchu. My vaccines were roughly €150 and for more information visit your local GP, mine was so helpful and informative.

6) Camera & Spare batteries

Ok this is a big expense and you don’t need to run out to buy a flashy piece of equipment to have an unbelievable trip. The most memorable aspects of your trip will be your experiences, your emotions, conversations and memories but it is still really nice to have gorgeous photographs to look back on. If you are passionate about taking photographs then i highly recommend the Olympus Pengeneration EPL7, one of my own recent purchases and i am LOVING it. I am sure you have all seen my travel diaries and images here on my website, all taken on my Olympus Pen. So compact but also takes stunning images, i also love the retro style of the camera. It also has a retractable screen for a selfies, HALLELU

Buy here : Pen EPL7

Also i really wanted to mention Conns Cameras Dublin on Clarendon Street who offer an amazing battery rental service. I was so lucky to rent four extra battery’s for the ten day trip, as i knew i wouldn’t have access to a power source. It cost me something like €10 which is insanely cheap, they also were so helpful and gave me some useful advise ahead of my climb. A valuable tip was to keep battery’s wrapped in warm clothes as the cold will reduce battery life quicker. Five battery’s were PERFECT for my trip and i would have been heart broken if my camera had died on day two. Worth getting if you have a good camera.

Check them out here : Connscameras

7) Phone & Phone Charger

It really doesnt matter if you have the latest phone or are a total social media addict like myself. You will want to reach your family and there are several opportunities to do so on the trip. Also you may even be lucky to get some wifi when you hit some of the bigger towns. Always nice to keep people updated and share a line or two. Of course bring a charger, its a long trip.

8) International adapter

ESSENTIAL !! You will be stopping in hotels, bus stops, train stations and will no doubt need a zap of power. Check each country for the relevant adapter, pretty inexpensive.

9) Bumbag

This was my savior on my trip and made my life so convenient. As an asthma and rhinitis sufferer it was so handy to have easy access to my inhalers and tissue, i also kept all my documents for the trip there. I wore this everywhere from airport to the climb. Just adds a level of convenience and comfort especially for anyone who may need quick access to medication etc.



1) Boots 

In terms of equipment or clothing this is the number one most important purchase, and i can tell you now folks don’t cheap out. I made the silly mistake of picking up a pair for under €40 which served me well for local trips and hikes under 6 hours but i suffered wearing them for almost ten days. During my trek to Machu Picchu i learned the hard way how important proper footwear is, by the second day my boots were chafing soon after causing blisters and sores. By day three i had lost a toe and relied fully on blister patches and plasters, my toenail still hasn’t grown back. Seriously do yourself a favout and invest in a great pair of hiking boots that hold your feet in place and support your ankles.

Here is a great pair i reccomend that are pretty resonable, some brands can be over €200. I also think these are pretty cool 

Buy here : Regatta hiking boots

2) Jacket 

Your jacket is also pretty important and the chances are if you are taking on a big trek the likely hood is you will be addicted like me so invest, these items will serve you well for years and on many exciting expeditions. I recommend getting an all in one jacket, insulated for cold weather and also water proof. You have to pack smart or else you are left carrying everything, so bring one great jacket that serves many purposes. Also hiking fashion has no rules really, what i discovered on the trails of Salkantay is that everything goes. Typically most people go for comfort but also not afriad of bright colours and patterns, go wild.

Recommended jacket here : Northface jacket

3) Water Bladder

This may seem like an irrelevant item but i assure you buy a platypus, they are the coolest and most convenient item to have along your journey. My tent buddy regretted so much not getting one before the trip and found herself stopping every couple of seconds to pull out a water bottle. I was so happy i got my hands on one and the little funnel made staying hydrated so easy, without having to constantly open my bag and close. Hydration is sooooo important and this made it that much easier.

Buy a Platypus here : Platypus

4) Sleeping Bag

Another story where i learned the hard way about the importance of reading the equipment list with a fine tooth comb and bringing said items. Silly Kelly brings along any old sleeping bag not realising that night one we would be camping at minus five. I genuinely thought i was going to die i was so cold (over exaggerating of course) but even with every item of clothing on i could still see the light. My team had a good laugh at my sleeping bag struggles, and i learned a valuable lesson during that frosty night. 

Here is a super four season sleeping bag that will cover you no matter what the conditions : Adara four seasons sleepingbag

5) Towel

Always good to bring along a towel you never know when you will get the chance to grab a hot shower or even have an opportunity like me to visit a hot springs high in the mountains. These towels are so handy and take up virtually no space in your bag, they are also quick drying.

Buy here : Travel towel

6) Pillow

This was such a cool thing to have with me because slumming it in tents can be pretty uncomfortable. This compressible pillow again takes up zero space in your bag, and you can literally just stuff a couple of tshirts or a hoodie inside and boom a perfect pillow.

Buy here : Compressible pillow

7) Small Rucksack

These baby will carry your water, first aid kit, snacks, camera and any important items during your trek. No doubt you will have porters that will take the majority of your bits but it is always good to have things handy. I actually had severe guilt about the horses and donkeys carrying my luggage, so i actually took most of the weight myself. Which gave me an extra challenge on the hike, apparently its not a common thing to do. So i was pretty thrilled to have a larger small backpack to be able to do that. I personally think 35 Liters is the best size, not to small and not to big.

Buy here : Lichfield 35 Ltr

8) Rucksack

This big boy is going to carry all of your bits from your spare travelling clothes, casual clothes, anything you need in the hotels. It will also transport all of your hiking gear before you repack ahead of the hiking.

Here is a perfect large rucksack :  Regatta 85 Ltr

9) Sunglaess 

One item i didn’t bring a long that i wish so bad that i did, firstly i thought it wasn’t really a necessity also i am very prone to breaking shades which can be a pain in the ass, especially when they are expensive. Here are a super brand that sell polarized shades perfect for the sun glare along a hike and for any outdoor sports. Also they are super stylish and so cheap, so no panic if you break them or loose them. 

Buy here : Nectar polarized shades

10) Hat

I actually wore a hat for almost the majorty of the trip, from freezing cold and windy conditions to scorching hot sun. Here is a funky hat perfect for the colder conditions, also pretty typical hiking style colourful and a cool print.

Buy here : North Face hat

11) Cap

Not really a necessity but i was really happy to have it when it was 36 degrees and the sun was scorching down on us. I love hats so of course i would have brought them regardless, but just a clever thing to bring. Getting burnt and sun in your eyes is not fun when you are busting ass trying to climb a mountain. Just make life as easy for yourself as possible. 

Buy here : Nike cap




1) Socks

You are going to need a lot of socks with you, my best advise is to have a pair of thick or hiking socks for every single day you are on the trek. Also bring ankle socks or something light for the days you are flying or on your down days. For ten days i brought six pairs of hiking socks and six pair of light socks. I wore every single pair. I have included a link to some hiking socks, i also brought some cheap Penney’s socks which were also perfect. Make sure to try out the socks with your boots too if you go for cheap, just to make sure there is no chafing. May sound like a small problem but not fun when you have to hike for ten hours in one day.

Buy here : Hiking socks

2) Tank tops

I brought a range of tops with me, but i did my best to pack lightly. A fresh top everyday is sensible because you will be sweating buckets even during the cold days. Do some research on your hike see what the weather is like, tank tops are perfect for the really warm days and also so handy on your days off. I recommend having three with you just to be safe. 

Buy here : Racerback tank tops

3) Long sleeve tops

These will be important on your cold days, i also brought three long sleeve tops with me. Again i brought this Nike top which was perfect as well as two long sleeve tops from the Penney’s sportswear collection.

Buy here : Nike long sleeve top

4) Trousers

My list reccomended bringing shorts, water resistent bottoms and hiking trousers but i personally feel most comfortable in workout tights. They are functional and stretchy which i like, i also saved myself some money by bringing a long pairs that i already had in my wardrobe. You wont need as many bottoms as you need top, and remember pack sensibly. I brought along three pairs of workout leggings which was plenty.

Buy here : Running leggings

5) Fleece & Jumper 

Layers are key folks and having a couple of hoodies with you is super. I brought two hoodies with me, one lighter sporty jumper and another fleece. You never know how the weather may change and it is nice to be able to throw on extra layers if you cold or have something lighter than your heavy jacket. I have recommended two perfect jumpers worth bringing a long on the adventure. 

Buy here : Nike pro sweat top

Buy here : Regatta fleece

6) Gloves

Really no need to go into to much detail about gloves, just bring them because its cold hahahaha. I personally like soft shell because its easier to use your hands and you are less restricted. 

Buy here : Softshell gloves

7) Headband

You are not a true mountain goddess without a funky headband or bandana, there is a range of styles you can buy from bright and crazy patterns and others more simple. I brought along a green bandana headband which was perfect for the hotter days and kept the hair from my face, plus they look pretty cool and look great in photographs.

Buy here : Bandana headband

8) Swimming suit & flip flops 

You will need both through out your journey, from random shower opportunities to swimming. A simple black bikini is really perfect or maybe you have a suit already. Save yourself the expense, and i assure you nobody will be checking out your style. Flip flops are also important and nice to have after a long day hiking, great for campsites and again showers.

Buy here : Adidas slides

Buy here : American apparel bikini

9) Comfortable PJ’s 

So apparently you are meant to bring insulated long johns but i didnt bother bringing one along, and saved myself one extra expense. Instead i brought a cheap grey jumper and jogging bottoms which i had previously bought in Penney’s. They were perfect and again one less expense for me. See what is in your wardrobe already something warm but comfortable, it should have long sleeves though. For the hotter nights a tshirt was perfect to sleep in.

10) Casual clothes

I think everyone forgets about the days flying and also the free time where you can have some touristy fun. I brough along one outfit for flying which included comfortable jeans, a simple t shirt and a checked shirt. I wore this outfit both ways saving myself extra weight, and it looked really cool for travelling. You really cant go wrong with a shirt and jeans. I also brought to extra outfits for my days off, nothing major just some things i had in my wardrobe.  Again you dont have to bring as much extra clothes as i did, you can totally slum it and save yourself the extra luggage. I wanted to take some cool photographs and have some nice memory’s, i was really glad to have them as there was more free time than expected it included sightseeing and dinners. Oh also bring a comfortable pair of trainers with you, they are essential you dont want to be stuck in your hiking boots every single second. 

Buy here : Vintage checked shirt

11) Good sportsbra

I brought along two good sportsbra’s for the hike. Again i just brought along two i had in my wardrobe but worth having comfortable ones.

Buy here : Nike pro sportsbra

** Also don’t forget to bring underwear for every single day


1) Suncream

This may seem obvious but bring along a STRONG suncream, i know us Irish all like to think we can work with a factor 20 or less, but the truth is we don’t ever see any sunlight and have skin so pale we are basically translucent. Don’t kid yourself, a lower factor wont help you tan but it will help you burn to a crisp. Remember your mind should be 100% on the physical challenge and also on the experience, you shouldnt be itchy and peeling due to sunburn. Be sensible and get a factor 50, even if you have a darker skin tone. Its better to be safe than sorry, i love this brand of sun cream especially as they have an oil spray. Really easy to apply and also feels very luxurious. 

Buy here : P20 Suncream

2) Water wipes

I brought along two packs of these bad boys and i used every single one. You never know when you will need a wipe, but i can guarantee there will be several reasons in one day. From hygiene reasons to dirt, the possibilities are endless and they are a real life saver on a hike.

Buy here : Water wipes

3) Insect repellent


The mosquito’s will come and they will eat you alive, so make sure to get a strong ass insect repellent. Also called DEET to many regular mountain hikers and explorers. I bought this brand called Jungle Formula which was so handy, it came in a spray version and i also went with the maximum strength. The can looks pretty big but i used every last drop over the course of the hike. This brand is really amazing, i put in on very regularly and avoided mosquito’s until the second last day. I was pretty lucky as most of my team had some serious insect bites by day two and were scratching like lunatics. I felt pretty sorry for them and i guess the Jungle Formula really done the job for me. I did however forget to put on my DEET in the city of Aguas Calientes but wearing a long dress with long sleeves i thought i would be safe. Nope those buggers got all over my ankles and legs and joined the rest of my team in the itching frenzy. I still have scars 🙁 

Deet up every day and definitely check out this brand, ill be buying it for my next hike. 

Buy here : Jungle formula

4) Bite cream

Ok so i am not going to lie this cream is probably the most painful thing i have ever used in my life, it stings soooooo bad but it did stop the horrific itching of the mosquito bites. I had easy about 20 bites which were all red and endlessly itchy so a couple of seconds of burning was definitely worth it.

Buy here : After bite

5) Deep heat

This is not an essential along with any of the recovery products i mention in this post but i promise you will be glad to have them, especially after a really long day of walking. I realise its extra space and extra weight to carry along but i assure you that your aching muscles will thank me. Bring along some deep heat because you never know you might have a sore back, quads or find yourself with knots and twists in places you never had before. 

Buy here : Deep heat spray

6 ) Plasters

Another obvious one but bring them along as part of your first aid kit, i brought two boxes of the large waterproof version. They came in so handy when my boots were chaffing and i had sores and blisters. Actually when i lost my toenail i was pretty happy to have large plasters with me. You never know when you will get a cut or something rubbing.

Buy here : Fabric plasters

7 ) Blister patches

I was recommended these before i left for my trip by a person who had already done the same hike, i brought only one pack of compeeds blister set. This range had blister patches for specific areas like the heels, toes etc. My only regret is bringing only one box along. Bring two they are amazing and worth having in your bag.

Buy here : Compeed Blister

8) Deodorant

Just because you look like a hobo doesn’t mean you have to smell like one, ok maybe the lack of showers will be the cause but bring a long a good spray. It makes a difference when you wake up in a little tent and will make you feel that little bit fresher.

Buy here : Dove Deodorant

9) Dry Shampoo

Super product to have in your bag, i also made the mistake of bringing the large size which was just ridiculous. Its been two months since my trip and i still have half a can. I think these mini versions are much more suitable for travel and for hiking, and i love this brand Batiste. You greasy head will thank you 😉

Buy here : Batiste mini’s

10) Hand sanitizer

You may encounter your first experience as an ocd on an intentional mountain hike so bring a long some hand sanitizer to curve the pain. I brought a long one little bottle which literally disappeared after one day, and was stuck bumming of my camping buddy, sorry Danielle. Dont be one of those people that needs to borrow things from others, ok emergencies happen and its nice to share but be prepared. I recommend two small bottles of Carex hand sanitizer gel, you will use it all the time from meals to dodgy toilets. Think clean think hygiene.

Buy here : Carex hand gel

11 ) Mini scissors

I am sure you have one of these at home somewhere and its something i wish i had brought along. Its a pretty handy thing to have from cutting plasters to laces. Who knows what will happen but it is certainly worth having a little scissors handy.

12) Toilet paper

Bring along two or three rolls of toilet paper or even packets of tissue. Bring them or be forced to shake dry haha, seriously. Be prepared and pack a couple of rolls.

13) SPF Lip balm

Its strange how dry your skin and lips become along the journey, crazy considering you spend all day drinking water. It is real proof of how much liquids you are loosing during the hike through perspiration, also the elements can be pretty harsh from seriously frosty to intensely hot and crisp. I literally used this lip balm every single day and was so grateful to have it. I love this brand too and think it is perfect for a hike because it is really good quality. Of course a tin of Vaseline will do the job too.

Buy here : Kiehls lip balm

14) Soap

Bring a long a bar of soap for random shower opportunities, also a bar of soap makes a lot more sense than a full bottle of shower gel. I love this brand too and especially because it is organic and smells so good. I kept my bar of soap in a sandwich bag like a real classy chic.

Buy here : Dr Organic soap

15 ) Fresh wipes

Ok everyone gets super shy and embarrassed when they talk about THEIR PRIVATE PARTS !!!!!! Oh the shame the mortification but do you know what i think this is a wicked product and i was so grateful for the days when i had no access to a shower. I brought a long one pack of Femfresh wipes for the journey, and maintained a fresh and squeaky clean thing that nobody ever mentions … cough cough (vagina)

Buy here : Femfresh wipes


1)Hair ties

Bring a long a full pack of hair ties because the same rule applies on mountains as it does for everyday life. No matter how many hair ties you buy, have or think you have you will still manage to have ZERO. These guys just seem to dissapear into a black hole of nothingness. I bought a full pack from Penney’s which was super cheap, and yes i came home with about two out of twenty EHRG.

2)Face moisturizer

I mentioned this above with the lip balm that you will be super happy to have a good quality lip balm and moisturiser. The elements are pretty tough and it is really nice to have something soothing and intense for your skin. I personally just love this product and as a self confessed lizard skin with Eczema i can vouch for it. I permanently have dry skin and this does wonders, in every day life and on the side of a mountain.

Buy here : Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

3)Body moisturizer

Handy to have and also in this spray version. I am all about convenience when it comes to beauty and hygiene during a hike, and yes you can still maintain both to some degree. A great product to have in your bag for after shower opportunities or possibly after being in the sun all day, soothing dry and peeling skin.

Buy here : Vaseline Spray

4)Tinted moisturizer

All you serious hikers will probably laugh at the fact i brought this product on a mountain trek with me. I have no shame in saying i did and i had many opportunities to wear it. I really wanted to bring a long something light and natural which also had a an SPF in it. Actually i am just a massive fan of this brand all the time but it was my first time to use their tinted radiant moisturiser. I loved it so much it is now my everyday choice instead of foundation. I was so happy when i looked back on my photographs from the evenings in the cities to the days when i felt really shitty. I will say it again i have no shame and i was so happy that i brought it along. Actually it has such good coverage for a tinted moisturiser and it is so natural and light HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Buy here : Nars radiant tinted moisturiser


I really didn’t bring much makeup only tinted moisturiser and a waterproof mascara. You really cant go wrong having one handy and i pretty much wore it every single day. Also this Rimmel brand is a pretty great product that i am sure you are all familiar with. Really affordable and i was thrilled to have it with me especially for my days off.

Buy here : Rimmel Waterproof Mascara

6)Small shampoo & conditioner

I really do recommend bringing a long a good shampoo and conditioner and keeping it in your large bag. Also bring a long these little bad boys which you can pick almost everywhere Penneys, Boots or Superdry. It is worth filling these up and having them on the trek with you as you may have one or two chances for a shower and i promise you will want to scrub your hair.



I actually found my hair to be pretty dry and crusty by the end of the trip and i was so happy to have brought a long a decent shampoo. Again a basic shampoo and conditioner will do the job, so bring along the full bottles in your bag and then fill up the minis when you are leaving for the hike.

Buy here : Kerastase Chronologiste

7)Evian face spray

This is by no means an essential product but i really loved it and was so thrilled for the fresh feeling it gave me every morning waking up like a crusty old potato in a tent on the side of a mountain. The bottle is pretty tiny as well so ideal for travel and just so nice in the morning. I wouldn’t be one for extras or buying things of no use, but i seriously loved having the Evian face mist.

Buy here : Evian face mist

8)Mio skin

This is another recovery product which i loved having on the trek with me, i had serious cramps in my calves probably due to my previous bodybuilding endevours. I found that the muscle would fill with blood over the course of the long day walking and by the end had some serious pains. I mostly used deep heat during the hike, but i used this muscle relief gel by Mio after any shower i had. Actually i am still using this product now at home, it smells amazing too.

Buy here : Mio Workout wonder


You may think it is cool for their to be more than one big foot in the wilderness …  but sorry it isn’t. I actually forgot to bring one and man did i have hairy armpits. Forcing me to wear long sleeve tops on the hottest days with a temperature of 36 degrees. If only i had brought one small razor so i could have enjoyed wearing a tank top for the last few days of my hike. Don’t be the hairy girl like me and have one razor handy.



1) Joint support / KT Tape

I have always had crusty old knees from previous injuries, actually all of which were caused by accidents relating to my dog and nothing to do with exercise. I think its pretty funny but unfortunately it is a bit of a pain when i am taking on big physical challenges. This is a wicked product and a modern version of the strap. Actually you will see many famous sports stars and athletes wearing KT tape. I brought along one roll of KT tape and used it when my knees were feeling a bit weak. I seriously love this stuff and it looks so cool, you can get the range in so many different colours and in a range of patterns. I think its nice to just have a security net too, you never know when you might twist something or jerk a joint and you need some extra support to get you to the finish line.

By here : KT Tape pro

2) Recovery ball

I didn’t bring one of these but i will be bringing it on my next hike to Kilimanjaro in September. I had knots in the most craziest places and of course your not going to ask a total stranger to massage your aches and pains. This travel recovery kit i promise will be a life saviour. Using these can be a little tender and sore but worth the short term pain, it really relieves the muscles and makes the journey easier.

Buy here : Travel recovery ball

3) Nuun hydration

AHH I LOVE THESE, yes as a fitness addict i know the importance of water and staying hydrated. Both for health reasons and aesthetics reasons and i typically drink about 2 litres a day. During a hike you will try and drink as much as possible to support the big demands of a hike. These make drinking water so much easier and they taste amazing, they also have a range of flavours. I recommend the active range because they are full of electrolytes and also no sugar or carbs. They are really natural and make drinking endless amounts of water that bit more enjoyable.

Buy here :  Nuun active tablets

4) Quest bar

I was extra prepared and brought a couple of quest bars for the days of hiking. I actually brought to many bars as most of our food was supplied by the porters even a little lunch pack. I like food and i like to eat, and i like to eat a lot when doing hiking. Maybe one bar a day is perfect, just in case of hungry moments. The truth is there will be plenty of food provided and the altitude will also mean you wont want to be eating anything heavy. If your a hungry beast like me bring alone one bar for everyday you are hiking, quest bars are perfect.

Buy here : White chocolate quest

5) Head torch

I genuinely thought this would be a waste of money but my god was i glad to have one when i needed to go to the bathroom at 2am in the jungle. Pitch black in the middle of the wilderness, without a head torch you will be staying put in that tent until morning. Also dont forget you will be drinking like 3 litres of water a day so i promise you will want to go, so get a head torch. Also an investment because you will have it for many hikes to come.

Buy here : Head torch

6) Duct Tape

Ok this is a random one and chances are your team leader will have a roll, but dont leave it to chance you never know when a rucksack might rip or when you need to tape your sleeping bag and walking sticks to it. My sleeping bag managed to make it fully taped to my rucksack THANK GOD. Actually not that it mattered since i had the worlds most useless sleeping bag. Worth having in case of emergencies

First aid kit & Medication

So i was under the impression that i needed to go and by an actual first aid kit, but the chances are you will have a tram doctor on your crew. I just happened to have the most amazing doctor who was also a total legend and my current  life inspo, long story but she is amazing. Your first aid kit refers to any medication you need to bring personally a long with recommended items.

Here is what i brought

1) 2 Symbicort inhalers  & 2 Ventolin inhalers – I decided to bring two of each in case of an emergency, maybe i lost one who knows. I take having asthma pretty seriously, i guess i have to considering it is pretty severe. I kept one of each in my bum bag which was easily accessible through out the trek and i also kept one of each in my bag. If you have asthma don’t take anything to chance whether serious or light cases, be covered because the steep climbs are pretty intense.  (I also brought a long a course of steroid tablets which was recommended by my doctor ahead of the trek. Thankfully i didn’t need to take them, but nice to be covered in case of any serious issues)

2) 1 tube of cortisone – I also have eczema so i always keep a tube of this stuff handy, turns out it is perfect for mosquito bites.

3) 1 Pack of Cetrine allergy tablets – Yes lucky me i also suffer with rhinitis which is almost like an extreme sinus problem. I took a dose of Cetrine every day and it really helped my symptoms through out the hike, worth getting if you are a nasily dork like me.

4) Paracetamol, Imodium and Motilium – Lucky for me i didnt need to take any of these but always bring them just in case. A couple of my team needed these through out the hike for a range of reasons, so just be covered. Better to have them then not have them.

5) Antibiotic tablets – Again all of these are just in case of emergencies and your tour company will no doubt recommend the appropriate medication to bring a long. The antibiotics will be prescribed by your local GP, i was also lucky i didnt need to take these.

6) Diamox – Altitude tablets are a must if you plan on taking on a big international hike, again your local GP will recommend this and also the appropriate dose. I started taking Diamox 48 hours before i landed in Peru and i stopped taking it once we started coming down past the highest peak. I had no issues at all with altitude and recommend taking it. There are side effects like tingling legs etc i didn’t have this but i did see some people hit badly with the altitude so worth it i reckon.

Extras –

Zip lock bags

Great thing to bring along for hygiene products and nicks & nacks. Pick up the heavy ones maybe bring along two or three and also a couple of plastic zip lock bags for the airport.

Plastic bags

Bring some large plastic bags for wet clothes, dirty clothes, swimming suit etc. I promise you will want to keep those socks and sweaty tshirts separate from everything. Bring four or five along just in case.

Pocket mirror

I was meant to include this in one of the photos above but i actually totally forgot about it until last minute. I brought a cheap little thing along with me that i bought in Dealz. Handy to have especially if you want to look somewhat decent.


Bring along enough money for the entire trip, the company you are travelling with will usually recommend an amount to bring along. Check which currency is used, and find somewhere safe to keep it. Also its handy to have euros with you for the airport and when you arrive home. Think ahead !!

** Also dont forget toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush etc travel sizes are perfect


Really happy with this post took me a long time to put together and all coming from someone who now has experience and has slummed it on a hike. If you enjoyed this content and found it helpful please let me know below, and likewise if you have any relevant questions shoot them below also. I put a lot of work into this post so i hope you enjoy.




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