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As you all know i am currently going through a very exciting transformation, and for once it is not to do with my six pack. This year i have decided to follow through with something i have considered for a very very long time, but never imagined i could afford or justify getting. This transformation is 100% for me and not for the benefit of anyone else or because society says we need to look a certain way. The funny thing is that i think peoples imperfections and quirky features make them unique and special, and we all should all strive to be our best selves what ever that means to each person. It is a pretty big deal for me going through with this treatment as it has been a real dream to look in the mirror and be just be blown away by my smile, and to simply have a smile like everyone else. Having a gummy smile does not make me any less beautiful, it hasn’t hindered my career or held me back in anyway, and after 26 years of me and my smile i think i can say i have a right to improve it if i like. I unfortunately have also experienced some really nasty online comments in the past directed at my teeth and their aesthetics. It is pretty sad to think that the way my teeth look caused people so much offence, that they felt they needed to write it to me. As Ronda Rousey says ‘Its not my responsibility to be attractive to you’ and i couldn’t agree more. Growing up with an insecurity of having a gummy smile was something i lived with, just like everybody else lives with their insecurities.  It was something that didn’t signify who i was as a person, my character or what i symbolized.  That being said it was something in the back of my head that made me feel less confident, it wasn’t because other people slagged me online and highlighted my insecurity or because society says we all have to have the perfect smile.

My smile makeover is also pretty special as i also had a pretty bad experience in the past with a local dentist that left me with a negative feeling towards all things dental. I didnt have a good relationship or routine with my dental hygiene and i fully blame this bad experience. The silly thing about an insecurity is that nobody else cares or even notices most of the time, but if it is something that you feel is holding you back then i say go for it. With any transformation whether a fitness makeover or otherwise one has to have realistic expectations and also be 100% sure.


For me i am 100% sure that improving my smile will give my confidence a big boost and will allow me to move into the next phase of my life with a big ‘SMILE’ on my face, heehee.

The first part of the treatment went AMAZINGLY just to let you all know, after my positive and exciting consultation a few weeks back. MY DENTAL have really gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable about the entire process and have been there every step of the way. During my consultation we discussed improving my concerns about both my gums and the visual aspect of my teeth. We decided that a cleaning was necessary to prepare my gums for the next phase of the plan being the gingivectomy. You may wonder what a gingevectomy is, well basically its a really simple solution to a gummy smile that reshapes and removes some of the gum (Full details below about gingevectomy) the last phase of the makeover includes 9 gorgeous white veneers, 1 crown and a post to fix my previous issue with a past dentist.

What is really crazy is that My Dental offer prices that compete with international dentists, which is something i had also been considering. They also offer 0% finance meaning you can make the jump today and enjoy the benefits as soon as. I highly recommend checking out their website and see for yourself how competitive their prices are. Not to mention a complimentary consultation where they really discuss all options in detail.


So lets go back to my first treatment with My Dental being the gingivectomy. It actually sounds a lot more scary than it actually is, the treatment lasted roughly 1.5 hours where i felt absolutely NOTHING. I know a lot of people reading will be concerned about pain but i assure you it was easy, the treatment did involve needing dissolving stitches after.

At first glance i was totally impressed, the dentist mostly worked on one side of my smile in the hope to bring more balance from left to right. The changes were really subtle and roughly five or six teeth were lengthened ever so slightly. Post treatment the gums looked quite raw, to be expected i guess and no big surprise. I was prescribed an antibiotic to avoid any infection and also standard pain killers for when the anesthetic wore off. Typical Kelly though didn’t bother taking any pain killers but did find the first day a little tender, totally manageable and bearable of course. After two or three days the gums were back to normality and were looking great. Two weeks later i visited My Dental for a check up and given the big thumbs up for the next phase. Check out the results below, pretty darn good if i say so myself.



So far everything has gone so smoothly and the staff at My Dental have been so helpful and assuring through out the process. My next appointment is on the 5th of October and to say i am excited is the understatement of a century. My conclusion so far is if there is something you really want to do, if it makes you feel better and it it doesn’t impact on anyone else then why not go for it. Life is too short and if something as small as lengthening your gums will make you a little more confident then why not.

For full information on the treatments check out the My Dental website and book in for a consultation. I am also happy to answer ANY questions you might have about the clinic or the procedure at any time. Just message me below or alternatively write to me social media.

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