My smile makeover with MyDental



               My smile makeover with MyDental

Have you ever noticed i am fond of a good pout, well here is why.

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Have you ever had that one thing that made you feel totally insecure, something really insignificant that most people probably wouldn’t notice unless you pointed it out. That thing you feel guilty for hating as you compare it to real life problems, and this in comparison seems silly for fussing over. None the less it stays present and at 26 years of age i have finally decided to do something about it. I am a firm believer in self improvement and think everybody has the right to be the best version of themselves, whether that means physical changes or mental growth. Actually sometimes both of these things can be interlinked. It is not a selfish thing to want to be better, to be confident and to be content with how you look. The first step is embracing what you have been blessed with, as the most unique thing about yourself is the fact that you are you, there is no copy.

For 26 years i have been insecure about my smile, mostly the fact i have a visible gummy smile. It has been a dream of mine to have the quintessential perfect smile, but have just never taken the steps to fix it. Two main reasons for this include cost and lack of information. I had no idea fixing a gummy smile was so easy and straight forward, and to think the smile of your dreams is so easily accessible is amazing. This is a personal decision to improve my smile and to take this easy journey of self improvement, allowing My Dental to do all of the work for me. This is a refreshing change for me, as any transformations i have taken on in the past usually involves endless hard work in the gym and the kitchen. I don’t want to make my first post about my journey with My Dental too long, as i will be documenting it mostly through video blog. All i can is that i am really excited and blown away at how affordable dental treatments can be and urge anybody considering dental work to check out MyDental. I love to laugh, giggle and smile, and simply cant wait to have the confidence to do it every second of every day.

Ps did i say i am getting the works. Saying goodbye to my gummy smile and saying hello to new perfect veneers. My first appointment is tomorrow and i will be going into more detail about the treatment in my next post. I will be discussing the clinic, the details, the packages and my journey of course.

Please stay tuned for more about my smile makeover with MyDental.

Image below (My current smile taken by MyDental)



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